About me

I am Alhad, or Ally as my friends call me. I am engineer by education (B.E in Mechanical Engineering from Fr. CRIT and M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering (Propulsion) from IIT-B). I have worked in FEA (Finite Element Analysis) known as CAE in professional circle. However I do not wish my further life to merely be an extrapolation of my past. I want to try everything I like in this life, and not known by any tags like engineer, manager, entrepreneur, writer, blogger, etc

My hobbies include trekking, travelling, reading and writing. I like motivating others and spreading the knowledge. May be this is why I write. Science and especially space science are my favorites. Sometimes I wish I had done M.Sc in pure Science. Other fields of interest are entrepreneurship, history, economics (recently added).

I have two ultimate goals G1 and G2 in my life. I am currently working on G2. Had early dose of failures :(. But it’s just that I require more time, skills sets, knowledge and luck. The ultimate reason for my existence is G1.

I will reveal G1 and G2 at appropriate time. Wish me luck!

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